Water Water Everywhere

Meet Brook Rivers, he’s all about water…

Water Water Everywhere is a colorful and creative voyage through the wondrous world of water, with the comedic character Brook Rivers at the helm. The show takes students through wetlands, water molecules and storm drains, as they learn facts about one of the most valuable resources on earth: clean water.

Brook Rivers delivers his serious message in a fun filled way that students and teachers will love. Equal parts theater, magic, circus and good humor, Water Water Everywhere is designed for grades K-8. This performance will delight and enlighten audiences, as they learn about water cycles, conservation, point and non-point source pollution and more.


The show presents children with rewarding and important ways that they can directly contribute to protecting our water resources. The goal of the program is to strengthen new attitudes and responsibilities toward our common resources. Water Water Everywhere was voted “Best of Fest” at the Georgia Water Festival 6 years in a row!

Jack Golden, creator of Water Water Everywhere has been a professional variety artist since 1981. He’s performed with the world-famous Pickle Family Circus of San Francisco and the award-winning “New Vaudeville” comedy troupe, The Wright Brothers.

Science and Theater 

In addition to strengthening the attitudes of young people towards the environment, Water Water Everywhere is also a piece of theater and using the power of live performance students will experience how theater in particular and the Arts in general can be used to communicate and express ideas in dynamic and compelling ways. Because the program is funny and light hearted, it provides an environment conducive to learning. Laughter can be a surprisingly effective teacher. Water Water Everywhere is designed to meet many national and state learning standards for science and environmental studies. Water Water Everywhere is also aligned with various national theater and arts standards.

Workshops in physical theater including acting, mime, juggling, improvisation and circus skills are available. These workshops focus on using these skills to communicate environmental messages.

Some Details

Show length:          

40-45 minutes (In school)
55-65 minutes  (Theater)

Shorter times are available for festivals

Set up:              

45-60 minutes (School)
75-90 minutes (Theater)

Audience size:        

350-400 School *
500-1500 Theater

*In some cases more can be accommodated, please check with me when booking larger groups.

Study guides and Activity packets are available.

“Thank you for a great educational and entertaining show. Water, Water, Everywhere is fantastic!  I highly recommend this show for any school, festival, or conference wishing to educate participants about water quality issues in a fun educational way.”

Sue Magness, Hamilton County Environmental Services