Brief Professional History


Jack started his performing career in 1983 after training with Tony Montanaro, renowned mime master and stage director. During the next three years he worked on the New England Vaudeville circuit and then joined the world famous Pickle Family Circus of San Francisco. As lead clown, he juggled, balanced and mimed his way across the western United States, delighting audiences in countless theaters, including the esteemed Palace of Fine Arts.

In 1986 he returned to Massachusetts and became a founding member of the Wright Brothers, a New Vaudeville touring company. The Wright Brothers were widely acclaimed and performed on many prestigious stages, including Lincoln Center in New York City and at the International Mime and Clown Festival at the Annenberg Center in Philadelphia where they won the “Best of Festival” award.

After a few years, Jack started performing as a solo artist and decided to add an educational component to his performances. In 1989 he embarked on an illustrious career of “entertainment with a purpose”.  Since that time has created, produced and performed seriously funny shows on a variety of topics including, solid waste (“Garbage Is My Bag”), litter prevention (“A Litter Bit Goes a Long Way”) and water conservation and quality (“Water, Water Everywhere”).

In 1990 he was selected from a nationwide search to write and perform

the major educational component for the City and County of San Francisco’s Recycling Program. Over the next 4 years he presented over 200 shows throughout the city in award winning recycling education project.

For over two decades Jack has been traveling across the country bringing his environmental message, carefully wrapped in comedy to schools, festivals, theaters and conferences. He has been featured on the cover of the Weekly Reader magazine

and Charles Osgoods “The Osgood Files” radio show. He has also won the EPA Administrators Award for Solid Waste Education.

Jack is on the New England Foundation of the Arts (NEFA) Touring Roster as well as other performing arts rosters in Kentucky, South Carolina and North Carolina. He has been a member of the faculty at the School of Theater & Fine Arts at Boston University, and Instructor of  “Clown Theater” at Univ. of Mass., Amherst, MA

In addition to his professional credentials, he is a member of the National Recycling Congress, Mass Recycle and various other environmental organizations. He is also on the board of director of the Franklin County Community Meals Program, and chairman of the Leyden (MA) Zoning Board of Appeals.

He lives on a hilltop in western Massachusetts with his wife Lisa and his old cat Moses.